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Beef Tri-Tip

Our Beef Tri-Tip will have your friends and family calling you a pitmaster for weeks. This cut has recently been introduced into the Texas BBQ culture and just like all Texas BBQ, is best prepared by smoking. We recommend seasoning the tri-tip with our Raider Red's All Purpose Rub and smoking to achieve optimum flavor, tenderness, and juiciness.

The Tri-Tip is a triangular shape roast, that is trimmed practically free of fat, but will still be full of flavor. This product is cut from the tip of the sirloin primal, is an average of three pounds, and can be smoked similarly to a brisket. However our tri-tip tends to be more tender and more flavorful than its brisket counterparts! Ultimately, the tri-tip is an excellent choice for anyone searching for a new and delicious smoking option!

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Includes1- Tri Tip (Approx. 3lbs)
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