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Pork Double Bone Chops

Our Double Bone Chops are the perfect item if you're looking to wow your guests with some delicious pork. Thick-cut, large in size, and perfect to fill the belly of anyone who is hungry, you'll want this double bone chop in your freezer for a special occasion. Season with our delicious Pecan Rub to maximize flavor and quality of eating.
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Includes2-Double Bone Chops (Approx. 1.4lbs. Each)

Our Double Bone Chops are cut from the rib of bone-in pork loins. They are cut about 3.5 inches thick that includes 2 bones per chop. The fat is trimmed to 1/4 inch and the rib bones are frenched. Our Double Bone Chops are great seasoned with our Pecan or Applewood Rub and then smoked. We recommend using our BBQ Sauce to finish off the perfect pork chop!

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