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Beef USDA Prime New York Strips

Our USDA Prime NY Strips are great for a romantic dinner at home, backyard grilling, or anything in between! We suggest pairing our signature Steak Seasoning with these delicious steaks for an unforgettable combination.

Beef USDA Prime Ribeyes

Our USDA Prime Ribeyes have a rich and beefy flavor that will create an experience second to none. These highly marbled steaks combine tenderness, flavor, and juiciness to the highest degree, and are sure to impress even the toughest critic! Enjoy these steaks with our signature steak seasoning for the ultimate combination.
$73.00 $62.05

Beef USDA Prime Sirloins

Our USDA Prime Sirloins are the perfect steaks to pick up if you are looking for a high-quality eating experience, at a great price. Our sirloins are specially cut to ensure even and uniform grilling. Order today with our signature Steak Seasoning for a fantastic steak dinner at an even better price!

Beef USDA Prime Tenderloins

Our USDA Prime Tenderloins are one of our featured products. These extremely tender steaks will leave your mouth watering and your belly full. Be sure to add these delicious steaks to your cart, you will not be sorry!

Prime Pork Shoulder

These Prarie Fresh prime Pork butts will take your BBQ game to the next level. Primarily used for pulled pork sandwiches, pork shoulder offers lots of flexibility in serving! If you need something that's quick, easy, and delicious, try our pork shoulder for pulled pork. This item pairs great with either of our BBQ sauces, or you can mix the two for added flavor and palatability.
$42.00 $25.20

Prime St. Louis Ribs

Our Praire Fresh Prime St. Louis Ribs are perfect for anyone looking to smoke their own pork for a BBQ or special occasion. With excellent reviews from BBQ experts, these fall-off-the-bone ribs are sure to impress your guests with their incredible taste! Pair it with our Sweet and Spicy BBQ and you won't be able to wait until the next time you put some in the smoker.