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Smoked Meat Box


The perfect package for holiday breakfast gatherings. Will include two packages of our thick-sliced, premium bacon and three packages of our premium smoked sausage.

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Our jerky is the perfect snack for anyone that needs on-the-go nutrition! Put it in a lunch box or throw it in a bag; it's the perfect protein-packed meal that will keep you full. Comes in a variety of Beef flavors and sizes: Original, Peppered, Teriyaki, and Sweet & Spicy. We also carry a Pork Jerky.

Ground Beef

Our Ground Beef is a versatile and popular product. It can be utilized for pasta, hamburger patties, tacos, and so much more! Add some to every order so you're always ready to serve your family a protein-packed meal. We offer two different blends: 80/20 (80% lean 20% fat) and 90/10 (90% lean 10% fat).

Beef Value Pack Tenderloins

Tenderloins, one of our favorite cuts of meat, otherwise known as filet mignon, come in a fantastic pack of four. With several delicious steaks in one package, this is a crowd-pleaser that will be appreciated for the added tenderness and leanness compared to other steaks.
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Pork Blueberry Sausage

Our signature Blueberry Sausage is an original item of Raider Red Meats. With top reviews from some of our biggest critics, our students handcraft every aspect of this cut, and are bound to be a crowd-favorite for any breakfast or brunch gathering. Prepare some blueberry sausage patties with blueberry pancakes, and you'll have an easy meal that everyone will like!