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Beef USDA Prime Tenderloins

Our USDA Prime Tenderloins are one of our featured products. These extremely tender steaks will leave your mouth watering and your belly full. Be sure to add these delicious steaks to your cart, you will not be sorry!

Beef Value Pack New York Strips

Our New York Strip Value Packs are fantastic combination of flavor, tenderness, and affordability. Our value packs hold the same quality standards of our Prime and Premium steaks, but feature four steaks per package for more bang for your buck.
$20.00 $16.00

Beef Value Pack Tenderloins

Tenderloins, one of our favorite cuts of meat, otherwise known as filet mignon, come in a fantastic pack of four. With several delicious steaks in one package, this is a crowd-pleaser that will be appreciated for the added tenderness and leanness compared to other steaks.

Beef USDA Prime Sirloins

Our USDA Prime Sirloins are the perfect steaks to pick up if you are looking for a high-quality eating experience, at a great price. Our sirloins are specially cut to ensure even and uniform grilling. Order today with our signature Steak Seasoning for a fantastic steak dinner at an even better price!

Beef Smoked Prime Rib

Our Smoked Prime Rib is fully cooked in our facility and is ready to heat and enjoy. Our prime ribs undergo a 9-hour smoking process that ensures each bite has a decadent smoky beef flavor. The Beef Prime Rib is easy to prepare and fantastic for special occasions and is sure to impress any guest.

Beef Cubed Steak

Our cubed steak is the perfect product for home-style cooking. We suggest using the whole portion of the cubed steak to fry up a chicken fried steak or cut it into strips to make steak fingers. This product will be a favorite for all the southern food-lovers in your home.